New 2021 CBC range now online!


The California Board Company (CBC) is a skimboard and bodyboard expert. The CBC Foot Grabber - a skimboard with deck pad that is available in two sizes - has become a mega-seller in the past season. The program is rounded off by a low-priced soft surfboard collection and two I-SUP models with an excellent price-performance ratio. Below we present the highlights of the CBC 2021 collection.

New to the 2021 range are the two Inflatable SUP complete packages, which come complete with adjustable paddle, fin, leash, backpack and pump. Both boards also feature carry handles, a large deck pad and luggage tie-down straps.

The 11'0'' Current 132 I-SUP Package model also comes with an optional kayak seat and a 3-piece paddle that can also be adjusted as a kayak paddle.

In addition to the Bubba 48" with Pro Coil Leash, the Atlantis Window Board is new to the bodyboard portfolio of CBC. This model is available in two sizes, 33" and 37" and is equipped with a viewing window. This makes it particularly suitable for children.

The range of CBC Skimboards includes two models in different sizes. The model "Foot Grabber" has a non-slip pad and is available in two sizes. The "Foot Grabber" is quite wide and therefore ideal to try this sport for the first time. The two "Woodskimmer" models, on the other hand, appeal to already experienced skimboarders. 

The whole CBC range can be found in the online shop


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